The Song writing started at around 8 years old, on his sisters fan powered Bontempi organ, it was christmas gift for her but he permanently borrowed it.

Dave Carey is a native of Cork, south Ireland, money was tight for music lessons so he learned everything by ear.
On an old beat up piano on the 2nd floor of a social club, he learned songs and became hooked on classic bands from jazz/blues to 50s, 60s and 70s.
It was impossible to escape the house back then without listening to a Beatles song on tape or vinyl, there was always music flowing around the house either from his brother practising guitar or Vinyl to “best of” tapes.

He then progressed to guitar with continued focus on song writing, having another instrument to explore on was a doorway to experiment. Soon after, the opportunity had come to play in a band that needed a drummer, so Dave learned the drums and began to play in a working band. The band went in the direction of original songs and it was on this platform he had a song called “Into the new world” recorded, at age 16.
The band had won local and national competitions and had some interest but eventually split.

With what remained, Dave formed his own band “The Daystars” a raw 3 piece rock and roll outfit starting on bass guitar but then moving onto guitar and vocals. The band were in the cross spaces of original and cover songs.
A song called “For as long” written by Dave had received airplay on local radio stations.A 3 year music performance and production course was to follow and in 2012 became a graduate.
During these years he had shared the stage with the likes of Mick Flannery, an award winning double platinum songwriter and OEmperor, Irelands Rte music choice awards winners.

In 2013 Dave left Ireland to pursue music in Toronto Canada performing open mic nights and playing with local musicians before returning back to Ireland to begin preparations for his first EP.Dave’s style has been consistently compared to the likes of Paul McCartney, Gilbert o Sullivan, Clifford T Ward, The Kinks, and Billy Joel.